#1- Routinely Check Tire Pressure

(to prevent wear and improve safety)

#2- Check the Fluids

(quality and quantity of oil & water)

#3-Review Your Vehicle’s Maintenance Plan

(schedule maintenance before damage occurs)

#4- Maintain Proper Wheel Alignment

(Wheel alignment saves tires and front end parts)

#5- Listen for brake noise and differences in brake pressure.

(Free brake checks are available)

#6- Check oil levels and quality of oil

(Make it a habit to do this when filling up with gas)

#7- Check Tire Quality and Tread Wear

(Free tire pressure checks, wear tests, and tread wear tests)

#8-Prepare for Vacations in Advance

(Repairs and maintenance – 3 weeks prior to vacation)

#9- Be Aware of Your Charging System/ Battery

(Have the battery cleaned, check the cables, test the battery)

#10- Be Aware of Seasonal Changes Affecting Your Vehicle.

(Tire pressure fluctuates, replace old fluids, add Freon if needed)