Our ASE Master Technicians have achieved the highest level of certification within the industry. They are certified in all domestic and foreign vehicles. To name a few: Volvo, Mercedes, BMW, Infinity, Volkswagon, Mitzibishu, Porche, Hyundai, Lexus, Toyota, Chevrolet, Honda, GMC, Dodge, Buick, Ford.

Our Service Advisors adhere to the same standards as our ASE certified technicians. Most are former technicians themselves and have extensive experience. They are wonderful educators for our customers and work hard at finding premium competitively priced parts.


At Auto Masters Repair, our training program for automotive technicians is rigorous and challenging. To be a part of our team a person must first have a passion for helping people with their automotive problems. Secondly, a thirst for knowledge and continued learning is required. Our service technicians come to us highly trained, however, at Auto Masters Repair, training and evaluation by the Masters is completed prior to becoming an Auto Masters Repair Master technician.