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What Parts Make Up the Suspension System?

What Parts Make Up the Suspension System?

The suspension system in your vehicle is responsible for providing a smooth and comfortable ride, while also maintaining proper tire contact with the road. It is made up of several different components that work together to absorb and dampen road shocks, and keep your vehicle stable and controlled. Here are some of the main parts of a typical suspension system: Springs: The springs are the main components of the suspension system that absorb road shocks and vibrations. They are typically made of steel or other durable materials and are designed to compress and expand as the vehicle goes over bumps and rough roads. Shock absorbers: Shock absorbers are also known as dampers, and they work in conjunction with the springs to control the motion of the wheels and provide a smooth ride. They are typically made of a combination of metal and oil and are designed to dissipate the energy from road shocks. Struts: Struts are similar to shock absorbers, but they also play a role in supporting th ... read more

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