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7 Signs Of A Bad Suspension System

Your suspension system is under constant strain, and that can result in problems and inconveniences. Before you start worrying, there are a couple of signs that give away these issues before they happen. Below, you will find seven of them, so if you want to know more and save a few bucks, continue reading.

1. Hard Ride

Experiencing a harder, bumpier ride than usual? Well, this is a sign that your suspension is going bad or is already having problems. Make sure to have it checked out and repaired if needed.

2. Noise While Going Over Obstacles

Either going over a speed bump or a pothole, there shouldn't be any weird noises coming from your suspension. You can't miss them because they will only occur when going over obstacles. If you start hearing or feeling something similar, your suspension is saying goodbye to you.

3. Hydraulic Oil Leaking On Tire

Another sign is a hydraulic oil spill on your wheels or rims. This can be caused by a broken or punctured coil rod, which will result in more damage over time.

4. Metal Clunking Sound

Hearing a metallic clunking sound is a very bad sign. It can mean that some of the components in the suspension system have broken or split. This will not only cost you money but also your safety.

5. Squealing Or Screeching When Car Is Full

While loading up the trunk with groceries or filling up all the seats with passengers, squealing or screeching is a sign of suspension damage. This can be caused by a variety of things, so make sure to have it checked by a mechanic.

6. Problems Steering

Your suspension system is not working on its own. The steering is also hooked up to it. This can aid you in determining if there are issues with either of them. If you start having problems while steering, it can be because some steering or suspension components are going bad. 

7. Pulling To One Side

Is your car pulling to one side? The reason may be either the suspension system or the tires. Make sure to take care of whichever it is because it makes handling much worse and decreases safety.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, make sure to visit us at Auto Masters Repair. Even if you just want to check up on things, we still have you covered. Stop by, and we will be happy to help out with anything.


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