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How Often Should I Have My Brake Pads Replaced?

Do you know your car is like a biological body? For a smooth, efficient, and reliable drive, you must ensure your car is in good condition. A problem in one part leads to trouble in another. For instance, if your brakes are worn out or your car tends to pull to the other side when braking, this is a sign the brake pads need replacement. As a driver, you may want to know how often you should replace brake pads.

Screeching sound from the brakes

Screeching sound is the most common warning sign of worn-out pads. If this sign is ignored, the rotors get damaged too, and you might find yourself repairing the whole brake system. Therefore, you need to take immediate action once the sound is noticed to avoid the double cost.

Extended braking time

Long braking time is another significant warning sign of a failing brake. If your braking takes longer than usual, check out with our auto repair shop mechanics. The long braking time may result from the wearing and tearing brake components. Faulty brakes might lead to slamming on another vehicle or even a pedestrian.

After a specific Mileage coverage

An environment that needs the driver to keep stepping on the brake pedal and the brake pad hardness significantly contribute to the wear and tear of the brake pads. Additionally, Mileage covered is another primary consideration for brake pad replacement. Generally, a brake has three main parts:

  • Brake pads are perceived to be replaced every ten thousand to twenty thousand miles to minimize brake pads wearing to dangerous thickness.
  • The second part rotors. You need to replace the rotors after fifty thousand to seventy thousand miles to keep the brakes optimally functional.

Although, it's challenging to keep track of the distance covered. There are warning shots to remind you when to take action.

Other warning shots include warning brake lights, thinning of brake pads, and vibration during braking.

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