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Is Your Vehicle Having Trouble Starting?

Have you ever got into your car and suddenly it won't start? It's struggling and no matter what, it won't turn on. Is it the battery? Is the alternator? Let's find out why the car won't start.

Bad Battery

This is the most common reasons the car won't start. If the battery is not in good shape, it won't start, if at all. Sometimes you can see visible bad corrosion and that's definitely a sign to get a brand new battery. Whatever is causing the bad battery, there's a high chance your vehicle will have a hard time starting. So get a battery meter and see if it's indeed the battery.

Bad Alternator

If the battery is not the cause, it can be the alternator. The alternator is an important part of the car that controls the power in the car. You can tell that your alternator is failing if you hear whining or grinding sounds when you press the gas pedal. Sometimes the headlights will dim if the alternator is going and could be a big reason your car won't start.

If it is the case, then you'll need to get it looked at asap as it can also destroy your battery, causing even more problems.

What to Do If Your Car Won't Start

Here are some tips that you can follow to help get your car started again with some observation:

Jumpstart your Car

Sometimes, it could be the battery needing a little juice to get the car started again. When it starts again, you'll want to check the battery to see if you need a new one or not.

Check Alternator's Voltage

The alternator controls the vehicle's electricity, including starting the car, so you'll want to check the voltage. You should get it checked unless you know how to do it yourself.

If the battery and alternator are not in good shape, that would be, of course, the main reason your car won't start. If you're having trouble starting your car, we invite you to bring your vehicle to Auto Masters Repair, LLC today!

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