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What Happens If You Don't Rotate Your Tires

You need to have your tires rotated to avoid having unevenly worn tires. This can lead to a variety of issues, such as making it difficult to drive in bad weather, leaning one way or the other, and more. Reading along will let you know the importance of tire rotation and why you should skip it.

What Does Tire Rotation Mean?

This process means that all four wheels on your vehicle are changed with each other. It is done on square wheels - meaning that all four wheels are the same size. Tire rotation ensures complete thread utilization and use - extending their lifespan. The hundreds of dollars you spent on wheels will be compensated by the longer use time. 

Or in other words, their surface will be evenly worn out because of the exchange.
There are different ways to make the tire rotation. One of the most common is changing the front wheels directly to the back and taking the back ones, putting them on the opposite side -back left to front right, back right to front left. The best way to determine what's good for your situation is to visit a mechanic.

How Is The Procedure Done?

Tire rotation is a simple yet efficient procedure. The mechanics start by removing the wheels and then inspecting them to figure out the best rotation for the tires. Then they do the swaps and make sure everything is correct. Lastly, the lug nuts are tightened and secured to prevent unwanted issues.

When Should The Tires Be Rotated?

Like anything else on your vehicle, tire rotations should be done regularly. When talking about brand-new tires, a rotation is advised at around 3000 miles. After that, they should be swapped at approximately 6000 miles. If you are wondering why they should occur at these intervals, let us explain. Tire manufacturers recommend certain distances because a predicted amount of the tire has worn off by then and should be swapped.

To ensure that you are getting every last penny of use out of your tires,  make sure to schedule tire rotations in intervals, such as the ones above. An added bonus is that issues on the surrounding parts can be found while performing and save you even more money. We advise you to contact Auto Masters Repair, LLC for tire rotation scheduling and intervals - ensuring the best result for your vehicle.

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